Custom Kahuna

• 10’ from ground to top of flag when fully installed
• Right-reading graphics on front, reverse-reading graphics on back
• Large in size for maximum visibility
• Excellent for outdoor use
• Quick and easy installation


Pole Height: 120in from ground to top of flag when fully installed
Flag Height: 96in
Flag Width: 30in
Total Weight: 4lb with flagpole and ground stake

Flag: Polyester Flag Cloth
Pole Sleeve: Polyester
Flagpole: Fiberglass
Ground Stake: Fiberglass
Cleat: Plastic
Washer: Metal
Bungee: Nylon & Elastic

Complete kit includes: flag, flagpole, ground stake, and pole hardware.

Kahuna Flags are large promotional flags that flutter freely in the wind. These advertising flags are ideal for any organization looking for an outdoor signage solution in an area that receives wind. Kahuna flags produce eye-catching movements when they unfurl, drawing the eye of anyone passing by. The large rectangular shape of these flags provides a considerable area to display organization messaging. This product is offered at reseller-friendly pricing with discounted rates at all quantities.

Why Choose Our Kahuna Flag?

Because all of our flags are produced in the United States at our Florida production facility, customers can enjoy top-notch quality with reduced lead times.

Kahuna Flags are suitable for various types of organizations that want to make a strong statement with their signage. Organizations that are located on busy streets can take advantage of frequent wind and a large audience, while businesses with less visibility can use a Kahuna Flag to effectively denote their location for visitors and passersby alike. When used with an X-Stand or Sand Base, Kahuna Flags can be displayed on hard surfaces.



Little Kahuna
Big Kahuna
  • Weight:4 lbs