Small Feather Dancer - Kit

• 10’ from ground to top of flag when fully installed
• Right-reading graphics on front, reverse-reading graphics on back
• Metallic streamers attached to top for more eye-catching movement
• Excellent for outdoor use
• Fast and simple installation

  • Available

Need help installing?

Check out our install video here.


Pole Height: 120in
Flag Height: 96in
Flag Width: 32in
Total Weight: 4lb

Flag: Polyester Flag Cloth
Post Sleeve: Polyester
Flagpole: Fiberglass
Ground Stake: Fiberglass
Metallic Steamer: Plastic
Cleat: Plastic
Washer: Metal
Bungee: Nylon & Elastic

Complete kit includes: flag, metallic streamer assembly, flagpole, ground stake, and pole hardware.

Feather Dancers have a unique flag shape that draws the eye of anyone passing by. This flag is designed to flutter freely in the wind and will unfurl when wind is present. Additionally, our optional kits includes metallic streamers that attach to the top of the flag pole that reflect light while blowing in the wind. The optional kits include - a custom Single Sided Feather Dancer flag, pole hardware, metallic streamer assembly, and a fiberglass ground stake. Single Sided Feather Dancers have right-reading graphics on the front and reverse-reading graphics on the back. This product is offered at reseller-friendly pricing with discounted rates at all quantities.

Why Choose our Feather Dancer Flag?

Because our feather flags are made in America at our Florida production facility, customers can enjoy top-notch quality with reduced lead times. Feather Dancers are ideal advertising tools for organizations looking to draw attention to their location. The metallic streamer and unique flag shape are hard to miss, unfurling with even a gentle gust of wind. These advertising flags are suitable for organizations of all types. Whether organizations are looking to gain visibility or simply want to improve curb appeal, the Feather Dancer Flag gets the job done. Feather Dancer Flag Kits work well to denote an organization’s location in a crowded plaza. With many businesses sharing parking areas and physical space, it can be easy to blend in. This kit allows businesses to stand out from their neighbors and create excitement around their storefront. The Feather Dancer Flag Kit can also be used as roadside advertisements for those businesses that are set back from the road and may otherwise go unnoticed by people passing by.

The Feather Dancer is an excellent way to advertise temporary sales and promotions within an organization, but can also be used for more permanent purposes. Promoting brands carried within a retail store or available flavors at a food service organization are a great way to draw customers in and can be displayed year round. Because this flag is reliant on wind to display graphics, we suggest only using it outdoors in areas that receive wind. For feather flags that can also be used indoors, please see our Tail Feather Flags. A final benefit to the Feather Dancer is that it can be quickly disassembled or moved. The ability to disassemble and store this product helps increase its life and preserve graphics. Additionally, the ability to move this flag allows owners to be more flexible where they can advertise. When used with an X-Stand or Sand Base, Feather Dancers can be displayed on hard, paved surfaces.



Small Feather Dancer
Medium Feather Dancer
Large Feather Dancer
  • Weight:4 lbs