8x3 Custom Vertical Flag - Double Sided

• Polyester flag cloth
• UV fade resistant
• Machine washable
• Made in U.S.A
• Finished with Header & Grommets or Pole Sleeves:
- Small Sleeves fit up to 1 inch Pole
- Large Sleeves fit up to 2 inch Pole

  • Available


Height: 96in
Width: 36in
Weight: 2lb

Flag: Polyester Flag Cloth
Header: Poly Twill
Grommets: Brass

Vertical Flags are one of the most versatile types of flag available. They help make a great first impression and are perfect for branding, event promotion, organization pride, and much more. This flag offers all the benefits of the traditional Horizontal Flag, but with unique proportions. Vertical Flags are taller than they are wide, like a traditional Horizontal Flag that was rotated 90 degrees. Vertical Flags are a less common style, which makes them an excellent signage option for businesses that want to stand out.

Vertical Flags are double-stitch sewn on the top and bottom on woven polyester. They are constructed with a header and two brass grommets, securing the flag when the wind blows. This product is offered at reseller-friendly pricing with discounted rates at all quantities.

Why Choose our Vertical Flags?

Vertical Flags are excellent to display in front of businesses or areas where you want to garner people’s attention. Their tall, thin shape creates less drag and requires less wind to unfurl than a traditional Horizontal Flag would. The lightweight nylon flag material combined with their thin shape allows Vertical Flags to unfurl with ease when the wind blows making them an excellent signage solution for any organization.

Vertical Flags are also an excellent option for individuals with limited physical space. A custom-printed Vertical Flag displayed professionally on a wall at your location could create a stunning visual while taking up minimal space.



8x3 Vertical Flag Double Sided
  • Weight:2 lbs