Small Double Sided Custom WindChaser - Flag Only

• Stay-open design for maximum visibility
• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
• Quick and easy installation

  • Available

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Flag Height: 84in
Flag Width: 24in
Total Weight: 1lb

Flag: Polyester Flag Cloth
Pole Sleeve: Polyester

This listing is for one Small WindChaser Flag Only - Double Sided. Hardware is not included.

WindChaser Flags are large promotional flags that pivot with the wind while creating eye-catching movements.The WindChaser Flag is supported on the top side with a swivel bar that keeps the top portion of the flag unfurled at all times with or without wind, while the bottom portion is free to flutter in the wind. When the wind does gust, WindChaser Flags live up to their name by pivoting with the wind and creating noticeable fluttering movements.

Why Choose Our WindChaser Flag?

The WindChaser's stay-open design requires no wind to be effective, making it suitable for any organization. WindChaser Flags are excellent roadside advertising tools. Their ability to flutter in the wind combined with their size and shape make them hard to miss. Organizations can advertise promotions, products carried, and much more on their WindChaser Flags and be sure that anyone passing their location will see their messaging.

Organizations can also use the WindChaser Flag as a way to denote their location in a crowded plaza. It can be challenging to stand out in a plaza where all of the stores look similar. With a tall WindChaser Flag installed near their entrance, businesses will be sure to be seen. When used with an X-Stand or Sand Base, WindChaser Flags can be installed on hard surfaces outdoors, or indoors at retail stores, trade shows, large events and more. Their thin vertical shape makes them noticeable from a distance in crowded areas without taking up valuable physical space.



Small WindChaser
Small WindChaser Double Sided
Medium WindChaser
Medium WindChaser Double Sided
Large WindChaser
Large WindChaser Double Sided
  • Weight:1 lbs